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Abstract Background


Regular private lessons can make oboe-ing, as well as the general enjoyment of music much more worthwhile and applicable to one's daily life. Overall, I believe that encouragement, kindness, and solid instruction shape a well-rounded musician. See below for details and a list of recent student achievements. 


Prospective Students & Parents: All students interested in joining the studio are required to complete an audition/trial lesson and if accepted, a trial period, to ensure a good student/teacher fit. Studio capacity is 10 students - if the studio is full, prospective students will be placed on a waiting list.  Please contact me if interested in scheduling or if any questions!


  • Double Reed Community Participation 

    • Ann Arbor Sym. Young Artist Competition Finalist

    • Lansing Sym. Side by Side Student Orch.

    • UWEC Online Double Reed Camp

    • Central Mich. Univ. Double Reed Days & Reedmaking Camps 

    • UMKC Double Reed Institute​

  • Collegiate Oboe Studio Admission:

    • University of Michigan

    • Grand Valley State University

    • Central Michigan University

    • Western Michigan University

    • University of Michigan-Flint

  • Youth Ensemble Participation 

    • DSO CYE Symphony Orch., Symphonic & Concert Bands

    • DMYS Symphony & Concert Orch. 

    • OYO Symphony & Concert Orch.

    • UM Michigan Youth Ensembles 

    • Flint Youth Symphony & Wind Ensemble

    • Michigan Philharmonic Youth Ensembles

    • Mid-Michigan Youth Symphony

    • MSBOA All State Orch. & Band Oboe Sections

    • MYAF Outstanding Soloist Nominations

lesson Policies

STudio Intent


My goal is to work with the top oboe students who want to be the best oboists and musicians that they can be, regardless of what their future paths may hold. I value hard, smart work, perseverance, resilience, organization, and a positive, open attitude toward learning. The students who will be the best fit and flourish in the studio are the ones that prioritize musical studies/activities over all other extra activities. Success and forward progress are 100% contingent upon commitment and effort!

Lessons are individual and tailored to each student's specific needs and goals. The main areas of focus include, but aren't limited to fundamentals/technique, etudes, repertoire, reeds, efficient/effective practice, ensemble preparedness, theory, history, etc.

~ Be present & engaged in each lesson

~ Consistent practice outside of lesson and school band/orch.

~ Concerted effort and commitment to practicing lesson materials

Participation as an oboist in the community:

~ School band/orchestra programs 

~ MSBOA Solo & Ensemble Festival

~ Audition for local youth ensembles (and participate if chosen)

~ Perform in the annual studio recital

~ If possible, attend a few professional performances in the area.

All students are encouraged and expected to familiarize themselves with the top oboists, both in the U.S. and abroad.


Regular consistent practice is expected - you’re choosing to participate in an activity that requires regular focused and dedicated time and effort for any improvements to occur over time. Parents/guardians, please be involved in making sure your oboist has the appropriate time and place to dedicate to practicing - again, forward progress and enjoyment can’t be expected without the appropriate level of practice.


Middle School Students: 15-30 min., 4-6 days/week

High School Students: 30-60 minutes, 4-6 days/week


If I am not seeing consistent practice and effort on behalf of the student, the following actions will be taken: 

1.) A warning will be given and we will discuss a plan that makes practice goals easily attainable. 

2.) The lesson will be terminated and payment expected in full (no refund if prepaid)

3.) The lesson will be terminated and the student may be asked to reconsider whether or not participation in lessons is right for them. I reserve the right to terminate lessons with a student at any point, for any reason. No refunds will be given. 

Scheduling & RATES

Weekly Lesson Packages are offered in 3 Terms:


                                                                                  Fall (September - December)

                                                                                  Spring (January - May)

                                                                                  Summer (June - August)


In order to maintain a spot in the studio for the Fall term as well as priority scheduling, students are expected to participate in a minimum of 6 lessons during the summer term.




Half hour - $35

45 Min. - $50

Hour - $70




Weekly, at the time/place that works best for both parties.

Weekly lessons are strongly recommended for the most consistent progress.  


If I don’t receive notification 24 hours before the scheduled lesson time, there will still be a charge for that lesson, if not paid for. Last minute circumstances and/or illness that prevent a 24 hour notice are, of course, an individual case basis, but please be reasonable. Frequent cancellations and lateness directly affect myself and other students; regular/frequent cancellations/lateness may be cause for loss of regular lesson time and/or spot in the studio.

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